Set odvijača Xiaomi Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit


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Precision Screwdriver Kit for all occasions

Meets most daily repair needs and is suitable for all conventional househould appliances like watches, laptops, cameras, scooters, and smarphones. You can rely on any of the 24 bits to fit. The pieces are designed to high precision for all applications.

Magnetic storage box in aluminum

The Mi Precision Screwdriver kit is in aluminum with curved edges for easy grip and you can the easily carry the box wherever you go. The magnetic box helps hold all the screws in tight place so that they not fall off. Now you never have to worry about losing the bits,

Xiaomi’s 24-bit high-precision screwdriver kit is used for scooters, watches, cameras, computers, smartphones and everything else you can think of. Easy to use, durable and small so you can easily bring it with you. With this kit you will always be prepared with the right screw size. – 24 Anti-rust precision bits – Aluminum alloy cover – Magnetic storage box – Aluminium alloy handle

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